Monday, August 29, 2011

Fanclub names

Just learnt that Young Saeng and Kyu had their respective fanclub name up!

I originally thought that the 87ers were the ones left without a fanclub. Turned out I was wrong! Magnae was the 1st to have his up.

*denial mode* I've seen JUNUS around, little did I expect it was the fanclub name since I thought it reminded me of... eunuch? (I sense someone's gonna kill me..)

Gotta ditch that thought away from now on, since it's Jjun's official already. MUST.

To sum it up, here's the fanclub names!

1) Kim Hyun Joong: Henecia (combination of the "H" from his name and Latin word "Benecia" which means Blessed)

2) Heo Young Saeng: Y.E.S (means YoungSaeng Eternal Supporter)

3) Kim Kyu Jong: ThanKyu (combination of "thank you" and "Kyu")

4) Park Jung Min: *Not available*

5) Kim Hyung Jun: JUNUS (Combination of "Jun" and "us")

Left with Jungmin's. So I was thinking to name his fanclub....

Crazy Horse. xD

(psst, @lamerhui was saying GRASS. Cuz horse always needs grass and that "Girls R Always Sexy Sexy"! Lol. I fainted.)

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