Monday, August 22, 2011


Quote the meanie and me:

Me: 不美嘞。。。

Meanie: Don't worry, got 美图秀秀! I edit nice nice for you!

So whenever we camwhore and see any pictures that are not nice, we go:

"照片不美? 不用怕, 有美图秀~秀~!"

That became our new tagline of the night. Laugh die me we 2.

Was a good Friday. Had my craved steaked, bought my stuffs and ended the night with mad awesome food + dessert. Mad awesome. Mad, mad awesome.

Settled on a god forsaken corner where the waiter can't seem to spot us albeit we looked damn chio, had to walk up to the counter to request for someone to take down our order. But ok lah, am happy with that cosy little corner where no excess noise were there to disturb my peace and quality nua-ing time. Shiok.

Was like telling Mei, "Damn I feel old. Sitting and nua-ing here, talking to girl friends with high pitched voice complaning this and that, enjoying the food and chips and drinks and sweets on the table."

Because that was what I used to see alot when I hang out and chill back during the younger days - young ladies sitting comfortably on the sofa of the lounge with their hairs down. "Wish I could be like those ladies, financially independent and carefree." was what crossed my mind.

Sad thing is, I'm aging. Good thing is, I'm aging but getting something I'm happy with. So I guess I should scale more on the positive side. Nothing beats working hard and playing equally hard.

My darling girl lost ALOT of weight. Looking mighty good and healthy for her soon to come wedding! Finally getting hitched. Like, finally. After some 12 years of parktor-ing.
Love you, sweets!

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