Thursday, August 18, 2011

Park Jung Min at『那些女孩教我的事』Movie Premier

Got these from Liezle's blog. Go click on the link if you wanna see more pictures k? There's a video clip in her blog as well. Not gonna post all of them up because I'm here just to throw some comments..



Who sabotage you, you tell me?!! You tell me!! Why your hair like that??!! *cues heart breaking*

Angie Chai I know you ahjumma, our Jungmin just stepped into full-grown adult phase you don't kajiao him make him an ahjussi I tell you. People younger than Rainie you made him look older than her. You don't bully foreign artists hor! If you insist on torturing foreign artists, ok go ahead, BUT LEAVE THIS ONE ALONE.

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