Tuesday, August 16, 2011


That's the amount spent on 3 x PJM's mechandise. Oh, another $60 for PJM's light stick and towel banner (or whatever is the description la).

So that's a good $162.

Fly $ fly~

Ex company's new girl cmi is it.
Steph keeps asking me for resources.. Got time sure find for her. No time where got so many pairs of hand to help her do detailed research right. Somemore the ex boss not say very chin chai. Want this want that.

Sometimes I wish I could just sit infront of the new girl, stare right into her eyes and say "GOOGLE IS EVERYTHING. BUILD YOUR RESOURCES FROM THERE IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANY".

Ah bo pay me money lah, I treat it as freelance do research for them.

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