Monday, July 11, 2011

Random rantings

Woke up feeling dead grouchy this morning. It never felt enough resting and lazing at home watching telly and indulging myself with sinful munches.

Anyways, didn't realised I've chalked up so many idol dramas to watch. There's the completed "Lie to me", the ongoing "Miss Ripley", "Heartstrings", the taiwan's " 醉后决定爱上你", "我的完美男人".. not to mention I've already semi given up to Running Man, which I missed like 4-5 episodes..

Idol drama is a MUST CLEAR! Don't care.

Well digress abit, there's this ex-ex-ex classmate of mine who is flooding my facebook. With all her emo post of songs and status that are perpetually blaming others. I can't help but to wonder, why can't she see it? Sometimes, the one who is creating all the mess in one's life, is non others but oneself. You choose to create the mess or you choose to clean up the mess you created. Simple as that.

I shouldn't complain, I could've click "hide" to avoid the floods. See? No point blaming others when you can actually make a choice yourself.

P.S. My house is a durian storage now. Dad bought like, $200 worth of durians. The so-called Cat Mountain King. Again. Eat die us.

P.P.S. This week go buy 4D 3487. 全打!

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