Wednesday, December 14, 2011

너모 피곤해!!

Haven't been sleeping well lately, thus the shoutout. Was having moodswing yesterday. No, not the monthly-affair-moodswing. It's just-moodswing-moodswing, you roger? Mine usually last for half a day, yesterday's one lasted for some good 24 hours. Bah. Chi and Von suggested chocolate which unfortunately, I don't have any in office. Nearest store that sells tidbits? Too far.

아주 피곤해.
너모 피곤해!!

Thought the moodswing will cease today. Fine. Somehow, it did. But the weariness came. So much so I couldn't even bring myself to "wear" the mask I usually wore to smile at people. The face was as shitty than shit itself, if you saw me walking along the streets of Orchard 9:30 in the morning.

On a side note, I've cut my hair! If you've followed my blog for long enough, you'd have knew that I'm always a long hair. (Still is)

It became my goal to have my hair lengthed 100cm before I chop it off. Or, not any time earlier than Meanie's big day. That's like, March next year. But it's no surprise, I've been ranting about cutting my hair short (shorter?) since early this year. The last time I measured how long was my hair, was 3 months back? Tape showed +/- 70cm..

That length was like, easily around my hip.<

And I cut it till....

This short? It's sitting somewhere slightly below the shoulder now. Much as I would LURRRVE to chop it way shorter, I heard devils (or angels?) telling me "Don't! Don't do it!! Short hair doesn't suits you!!"

Damn you.

Ok I confess, those damn devils are the honest feedbacks I got from friends. And I jolly well know my effing round face doesn't compliment short hair. Or the other way round. Whatever.

1 year of ranting to cut my hair short, it didn't work. Instead, it took me no longer than 30 seconds to tell my stylist, "Ok, let's do it."

Me: Feel like cutting my hair. Should I?
Stylist: CUT IT!!!
Me: Don't say cut just because you stylist have the fetish for cutting long hair short! (They do!)
Stylist: No. I mean it.
Me: How short do you think I should go?
Stylist: This short *gestures* Then the bottom part you can *gesture* curve in.
Me: *smiles* That's exactly what I'm thinking. Ok let's do it."


Theme fuschia x'mas makeup I tried the other day. Pity non of my cameras could do justice to the colour. Maybe it's just my skills. :(


Gonna head to Ku De Ta at Marina Bay Sands coming Friday. I'm praying I get to get some nice shots on the beautiful scenary that Ku De Ta promises. Thou I'm mentally prepared the food there ain't gonna be fabulicious based on the feedback of food critics. Orignally wanted 1-Altitude but, sigh, fully booked. Tsk.

B's doing potluck for her x'mas partayyyy~! Oh gawd I hate potlucks. How how how?

I keep having the thought "What if everyone does Pizza or KFC?!!"


P.S. Can't wait for Jungmin's calendar to arrive! Kekekeke. Kudos to Shewen. Lalalala~ (haven't find a time to pay Chi... :p)

P.P.S. I feel old with short hair actually. What say you guys?

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