Tuesday, December 20, 2011

떡볶이 Ddeokbokki

Ok NOW then I realised my spelling for ddeokbokki was, always wrong. xD Why make a food's name so complex!! So many "d" and "k".

Googled the ingredients and steps to make a decent one. Seems pretty easy. But I never quite like following cookbook so I hope it turns out well this Saturday.

Mad delicious looking ddeokbokki to DIE for.

That said, here are the ingredients I'm gonna prepare (or at least imagined myself throwing in):

- Rice cake (that's ddeokbukki itself, if you don't what it is, dimwit)

- Hot chilli paste (can be suicidal hot, I read. So this one must be careful)

- Carrots slices

- Cabbage (optional)

- Red chili

- Pork slices (optional)

- Chicken stock / Dried anchovies stock (depending on availability)

- Garlic (would love to throw a few cloves inside, but knowing it's not acceptable by majority mankind, I've gonna give this a miss)

Pretty hassel free huh? Not too sure if I'll get the taste correct or not. Update with pictures soon I hope!

P.S. Though I could escape from xmas gift exchange tradition but it seems like it's unavoidable. ROARS!! Hates gifts shopping. Hmpf. So little time!

P.P.S. Ku De Ta pics up soon! I hope (again). :p My time is not within my control these days.

Signing off!

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