Tuesday, December 20, 2011

SS501 Kim Hyung Jun - Glowing She

So that's the name of his new drama. Freaking google translated 자체발광 to "Her self-luminous" oh fml please.

Much as I wish to copy the entire damn thing from OnlyJun, it's more blogthical (blog + ethical) to not just copy word for word. So I'm writing abit of nonsense here. Heh. 

Despite knowing the site owner and nice as she is, I probably won't be spared from her tongue lashing either if she knows I were to simply ctrl+c, ctrl+v her (or any other blogger's) work. xDDD
Please repost with full credit.
Diagram editing NOT allow.

Credits: Only Jun

Information taken from KBS website, translation and diagram done by Only Jun (kimhyungjun.net).

P.S. (why am I so fond of P.S.-ing these days?) See if Wen post anything on PJM's event in Japan later. Will update this space if there are substantial updates from her side. Which I hope there aren't. Cuz the more she updates, less she focus on Jungmin. Let's all not be selfish. ^^v

Bye everybody bye~~~!

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