Thursday, December 15, 2011

[MV] Kim Hyun Joong - Marry You

Seen this already? :)

Cool sand art huh? If you ask me, I find something's lacking here. A little bit of sincerity maybe? Not that he's not sincere, but perhaps this song was done in a haste (my speculation lah), so much so KHJ didn't had much time to address it. On the other hand, "Gomapta" was done beautifully. You know, one that can touch the hearts of many even thou KHJ's don't quite *cough cough* sing well. LOL. Still, "Gomapta" made fans understand his sincerity. But.. "Marry You"?

Ok fine fine, he's not sincerely out to marry us thus perhaps fans can't feel it. (You delusional crack. Stop lying to yourself!) But what I'm saying is, the message didn't go through. Or at least the song didn't reach me. I hope they could produce better songs that could accentuate Hyun Joong. Not just any other song released for the sake of releasing..

Afterall, SS501 is very well know for them being sincere, so much so I magnify their every action, hoping to sense sincerity in everything they do. And I refuse to let my standard drop. (Should it even drop in the first place?)


Digress. KDT called to confirm my reservations. (1st time people go fine dining so let me rant about it k?) Cas was saying they will need a minimum spending of $100 PER pax to dine in the restaurant. I nearly died. Read on.

Not quite because of the money. Frankly, I usually set aside $100 odd budget for my gf's birthday so it's fine. But looking at the menu, each dish cost average of $25. Meaning to say, we have to clear 4 dish per person??!!??

Right. Maybe 3 dish + 1 drink. Still, it's too much for a girl, no? Especially when we are both 1) on diet and 2) realised we no longer eat as much as we were younger. (which was why we decided to not go for hotel buffet anymore and opt for the more.. dainty cuisines) Or, we have to order something higher priced which may not be what we feel like eating? Damn sian lor like that.

Well thankfully, the minimum spending wasn't true. Heh.

Here's a pic I googled, superb scenery.

At the same time, I read even more feedback on their exorbitant pricing, so-so cuisine, mostly 1 star out of 5. Sian. -_-" Don't care lah, I already ask that girl not to pin too much hope on the food, pay attention on the atas environment.

You know what's her reply?

"It's the company that is important!!"


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