Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nooo~ HJL gonna be SooAe's pet. Nooooo~ HJL is NOT going to be SooAe's pet

*Here is the update*

Source: allkpop

Despite earlier reports that had Soo Ae and SS501's Kim Hyun Joong penciled in as the leads for upcoming movie, You’re My Pet, it doesn't look like it's happening after the latest report saw the former denying the offer..

On the 30th, a representative from Soo Ae's management agency denied that she was going to be in the Korean remake of popular Japanese manga and drama, Kimi wa petto. They claimed that they had held discussions a long time ago about this and had already decided that Soo Ae will not be in it.

They aren't sure why reports have been linking Soo Ae's name to the movie and wanted to set the record straight. And so the mystery continues as to what will happen next.

Now, base on the report it's confirmed SooAe's not taking up the role. But no indication on whether or not the movie is still ongoing, so possibility of making the film is 50/50..

Change of actress then! I don't mind if it's someone else. Someone who has a better chemistry with Joongie.. someone whom tries her best in everything.. someone perhaps, 6 years older than him? *winks*


*EDITED* Pushed this up because I just read from a fellow tweep that SooAe denies to the role. Facepalm! Haven't go find out the details cuz' am half dead from doing the report. Update tomorrow later in the morning... Nitez.


Remember this?

First, they announce the news. Then they say it's a rumour (prolly because things aren't concrete yet). Now, it has been confirmed - Kim Hyun Joong is going to act in movie "my pet".

Arrrrgh. Indescribable feelings.


SS501 김현중 Kim Hyunjoong film debut is confirmed!

On Nov 30, the movie official says “Actress SooAe and Kim Hyunjoong are chosen to play the lead Man and Woman character of -My pet- movie”.

“My Pet” movie will talk about a Fashion Editor who lives together with a man, and both of them will develop feelings for each other gradually. Kim Hyunjoong will act as the pretty boy role (the one who lives together with the fashion editor).

DSP responds regarding the movie “The movie contract is not finish yet, maybe it will finalized this week”.

“My Pet” is initially from a Japanese Manga and was made into a Japanese drama under the title “Kimi wa Petto” aired by TBS TV.

Kim Hyunjoong started off his acting career via popular drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ by taking Yoon Jihoo role and gained success.

Kim Hyunjoong movie debut will definitely captured audience hearts.

Source 임혜선 기자 lhsro@asiae

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