Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hi, my sweetheart (ep 7) *spoiler alert*

Nothing too interesting in this episode. Main revolves on how XueHai courts BaoZhu.

After changing to a new dress, (original dress was splashed with red wine by some rich old pervert) BaoZhu got to know from XuePei that her brother bought the entire radio station for BaoZhu.


Further in continuation to XueHai's revenge/courtship, he invited BaoZhu for dinner in a posh restaurant and ready to present her with an expensive necklace for "the start of their relationship".

Happily.fantasizing.Baozhu.head.over.heels.over.him... =.="


Only to be woke up by the familiar yet cruel voice of Chen BaoZhu.
(me laughs sarcastically at XueHai)

BaoZhu was turned off by the sight of her filthy rich but annoying playboy boss alone already, least to mention her accepting the gems he presented her.

In his office next they, a commotion between the 2 came up. XueHai was trying means and ways to convince BaoZhu everything could be bought with money and she can choose to live life the easier way simply by being his girlfriend. She could have everything she wants. (now even I'm turned off by his speech while typing this.. thou' no one has yet or ever told me that before.. xD)

BaoZhu ended their conversation by comparing XueHai (I keep wanting to type DaLang) to Mr Pervert Huang. Stating Pervert Huang was much more easier to handle in comparison to one like XueHai. (harsh x 100%!)


Behaving like a total spoilt brat outside BaoZhu's place, she had no choice but to drag XueHai into her house in case he catches a cold.


Looking at the asleep (or fainted?) XueHai intensely, BaoZhu still could not get over with the fact that both him and DaLang looked so identical...


Half asleep, XueHai calls out 寳珠姐..

We all know, there's only one person whom calls her that..

And that is DaLang.

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