Monday, December 7, 2009

Howdy! A quick note.

Morning peeps! Missed me? Hehe. Was away from the computer whole of Sunday because.. you should know if you ever lay eyes on my tweets. ^^

And yes, I'm still excited by the fact that I finished the 10km.. With quite a decent timing. Thus explains the chirpy-ness here. And I look mighty pretty today. (serious! i dressed up a little..) Which is pretty unlikely for a monday morning..

Right, looks like I've missed out quite alot of things just by being away from a day... The weekly dramas will be up later today but I guess streaming will be quite slow as usual. :( Sadly, class starts tomorrow and the vicious cycles starts all over again. Sigh.

Have got quite a few things to settle. Tacky ones. So updates will be slightly slower. Be patient lovelies.


P.S. A Son Dambi followed my tweet account. Funny. *waves to Dambi unnie!*

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