Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hi, my sweetheart (ep 8) *spoiler alert*

This episode it is almost a continuation of previous, on how XueHai courts BaoZhu. Only difference is here, we can sense a little bit more of jealousy from XueHai than the usual hatred for BaoZhu.


Also, we can see how defensive is BaoZhu when DaLang's name was mentioned and humiliated.

Oh, another difference is, the present from XueHai upgraded. From diamond necklace to private condo...

The 2 had a fight again after XueHai brought BaoZhu to view a private condo claiming it's for her. BaoZhu finds XueHai absurb to waste his money this way, XueHai claims which girl doesn't fancy cash and gems and the gorgeous boyfriend.


BaoZhu stands firm on her decision and again, tells him she DO NOT fancy him nor his This time XueHai confronted BaoZhu, if she has ever ditched anyone before just because he is poor.

BaoZhu stomps off in anger (& half antagonised) and went "to chill".


Eh.. Random. Dunchu think this Big Tom bears an awful resemblance to Haagen Daaz?


Here's where XueHai insulted DaLang outside the ice-cream parlor..


And get punched by BaoZhu. xDD (I love my last screenshot)

BaoZhu insisted to quit her job, the 2 quarrellsome ones went back to his office in continuation. XueHai refuse to let BaoZhu quit (for whatever reasons), BaoZhu felt she can't bear to part with her audiences.

They made a pact. XueHai is to promise BaoZhu 3 of her requirements. 1 of which is not to insult DaLang in any sense. Again, XueHai was perturbed why BaoZhu is so protective towards DaLang yet she chose to hurt him back then.


BaoZhu stay on (of course). But only to invite more trouble. From XueHai's eldest sister that is. Learning BaoZhu hit her favourite baby brother, Xue Bo invited BaoZhu to their house for a meal and picks on every-single-thing she did. Childish way of avenging her sibling eh..


Alright, that's about all for the hi-lights of episode 8. Getting quite boring. How I miss the DaLang BaoZhu in their uni days. Well, episode 9 seems more promising that this but again, I feel the misunderstanding between the 2 will drag for another at least 1 to 2 episodes before the air is finally cleared.

Happy boxing day hunnies! Love, Jinxed.

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