Friday, December 4, 2009

Park Jung Min is shocked

And I, am elated. ^_________________^

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Orginal message:
왕.깜.놀 2009-12-04 오전 2:17:22

로그인 하려 할 때 목돌아 가 있는 아이를 보고 식겁했습니다.

좀 돌려 놓아주시겠어요?

이 옆에 있는 아이의 목도 돌아가있네요…ㅠㅠ

이 아이는 몸통을 돌려주세요…장진희 팀장누나…ㅋㅋ


안녕하세요? 박대표..박사장입니다.
완전 깜짝…

60여만의 방문에 정말 깜짝 놀랐습니다.

덕분에 사칭 쇼핑몰도 생기고…!!ㅠㅠ(딱걸렸어~!!ㅈㅇㅂㄹ)


난…나름 브랜드의 자부심이 있는데…!^^

잊고살던 나의 아픈기억들이…모두가 좋아할만한 곳으로

조만간 다시 태어날꺼니까~기대하시고,

그 전까지 계속 열어둘터이니 실컷 구경하세요..ㅠㅠ

영업시간있으니, 거~ 늦게 전화하고 장난전화하지마시고..!

그럼 시간 날 때 봐요.






English Translation:
Wang. Startled. Frightening. 2009-12-04 2:17:22am

When I tried to log in, I was startled by the head turning child beside me.

Can I turn around ?

Now, the child next to me turning his neck also…ㅠㅠ

Please make the whole body around… Jang Jinhui team leader noona… keke


Hello everybody? This is representative Park.. President Park.

Totally shocked…

I was really shocked by the number of over 600,000 visitors.

Also, there is also Counterfeits shopping website…!!ㅠㅠ (Got you right at that!!!)


I’m proud of … my own brand …!^^

I forgot my painful memories of living … all worth a good place

Sooner or later we’re born again ~ hoping in expectation,

In the meantime, will continue be open, please come by.. ㅠ ㅠ

We have operation hours, so~ please don’t make late phone calls and prank calls ..!

See you when you have time.

Goodbye ~

Dewadeoe ~

Jjayi Jjien ~ 再見 (Chinese Goodbye)

Sayonara ~ (Japanese Goodbye)

From 0 to 600,000. Within a day. What do you expect, Jung Minnie? Your fans love you 24/7 from Monday to Sunday night. And P.S. it's not opened to overseas purchase (I think..) or else the hit rate is going to be even higher.

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