Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Autumn's concerto (ep 10) *spoiler alert*

So my guess was right. Guangxi did not regain his memory. The trailer showed us the part where Muchen was telling Guangxi what happened to her husband.

In turn, she used the opportunity to express her thoughts to Guangxi. Of how happy she was during the time spent with him, how she sees him looking so happy even without her and vice versa and how XiaoLe was the most precious gift he had given her. Truly heartbreaking scene if you ask me.


The episode illustrates mainly, the development of feeling from Guangxi towards Muchen and XiaoLe. XiaoLe (and the rest of the children) were told to bring their parents to a parent-child school event, where the parents and thier kids would perform.

XiaoLe was upset with the fact that he hasn't got a dad. And Mum reprimands (again) that he should not bother Guangxi nor calls him dad anymore.

The boy was depressed. Because he made a pact with HuaHong (that little spoilt fatty) that he'll definitely bring his UFO daddy! Or else TangTang (the little girl with two pig-tails) will not play with XiaoLe anymore.

(tsk tsk tsk, childhood adolescence. speaking of early maturity eh?)

And so the girlfriend (TangTang) pleaded for Guangxi's arrival. In the most ridiculous outfit I've ever seen Vanness worn other than his F4-one-length-long-hair days. *facepalm*


Laughs at the 2nd screencap. That boy's expression is priceless.

Note to meself: If future husband appears in such outfit at child's nursery, divorce him.

This part was possibly the most heart breaking scene of the entire episode.


XiaoLe thank Guanxi for helping him out and confessed he knew Guangxi was not his dad nor his dad was from outer space. Those were merely white lies Muchen told him to make him feel better. The ending went well. Even little fatty HuaHong was amazed by XiaoLe's action.

Back home, Guangxi teaches XiaoLe how to blade. Muchen remembers the story Guangxi told her in the past (episode 2?), of how his late father taught him blade in the music room, let go of his hand without his knowlege and made him fall. Painful but possibly the happiest moment of his life.

Muchen: Why did you choose to teach him blade.. of all things?


Guangxi: Instinct probably. It feels like, if I'm a father, what would I want to teach my son?

(Gaaaaahh! He IS your son you dumbass! *pulls hair* Someone goes into the monitor and tell Vanness that please!?! Gaaah!!!)

While blading, Muchen fell down. (you have to watch it yourself baby, if you wanna know how and why she fell)

Very sweetly, Guangxi offered (half-forcing) to apply medication for her.


And Muchen reminiscent... making her eyes swelled with tears.


The last part of the episode showed how Guangxi tried to help the villager. Which he was not supposed to do so. He helped them neverthelessly and started his investigation on why his father-in-law (to be) was so bent to acquire the land.

And ended with TuoYe confronting Guangxi in his office that he was a spy sent by HuanYu enterprise all along.


Well that's all! Another 1 week of lonnng wait before we get to watch episode 11. It's getting MORE and MORE interesting I have to say. Wonder how Guangxi is going to remember things, with his truly loved and own son surrounding him day and night.

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