Thursday, December 3, 2009

[vid] Kyu-Joong in Happy Together part 1 (w/ chi sub) out

Source: SS501 UFO
Please repost with full credits

Waiting patiently for the rest of the parts to release... and where are the rest of subbed Star King~ sobs sobs sobs.

To remind myself to watch:

1) Happy together 2009.11.26 (all parts out, not fully subbed)

2) Star King 2009.11.14 (all parts out, found 2 parts with subs @kkkph501's YT)

3) Strong heart (the only completed one! tonight tonight. decided to brace myself to watch this. with the box of tissue paper beside me that is)

Ok what else have I missed? There's five thousand and one videos to watch.. tsk tsk tsk.

4) Golden Fishery - Radio Star 2009.11.02 (all parts out, no subs yet)

5) Music High 2009.12.02 (all webcast out, no subs yet)


6) HJL in Sunday Sunday Night

7) HJB and Kyu in the 100th episode - God of Cookery expedition

To do:

1) Covert and dump the entire list of "Thank you for waking us me" mp4 into ipod

2) Convert the entire list of "M!Pick"

3) RE-convert the rest of "WGM" cuz I lost the folder @#$%&*

FML. With my next sememster schedule of an average of 3 study days per week, max up to 5 study days per week for the preparation of 4 exams paper, I don't even think I can finish the above to-do-to-watch list.

You know, I slept at close to 2am and woke up with slight headache. What was the reason behind it? I kept watching the couple clips of the boys. Still funny no matter how many times I watched it.

The night slipped by frivolously...

"Ok, this one last. It's past mid-night already.."
"Oh wait, this looks good too. Ok only 4mins clip. Another 4 mins won't kill~"
"Ah... now that I watch kyu-min, must watch joong-min too! The masters of mischieves!"
"Uh-oh, 1am already? Really gotta go sleep. Another 1 more. 1 more and I'll head to bed.."
"Gosh, how can I forget the bickering couple min-joon. They are the funniest!"

"Err ok, it's close to 2am already. You're such a goner."

*clicks to close window discontentedly and shuts down*

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