Friday, December 4, 2009

Wuss up!

Alright, nothing too interesting today aside from pictures from the previous shows the boys went to. I'm sure you know where to get your dose of information from, dunchu? ^^

Let's do a summary of the recent hype that took an interest on me.

1) Maknae would like to marry Jolin Tsai as the representative of Taiwan. Mad happy until now because the whole wide world knows I'm her die-heart 10 years fan already and because I'm glad TripleS noticed Jolin and one even thought of marrying her. What an affiliate!

2) MinMal's online store went crazy and almost denial of service due to the overwhelming no. of fans gushing in to view after the revealation of his website. Reason being was because your truly couldn't view his site until around 1o odd. Fellow twitterettes said they only managed to see the online shop close to 12am I think?

3) Kim Hyun Joong won...

three awards given by Yahoo: Korean Top Buzz Artist, Buzz International Single, Taiwan Top Buzz Korean Artist. Buzz International Single award is given to most searched person working in the entertainment industry from Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan Yahoo website. Also as a SS501 member, Kim Hyun-Joong also had won the Korean Top Buzz Group award from Yahoo.
Source: Yen & Hershey's TripleS Blog

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