Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Random updates

Eeeeks! Lack of updates these days ain't it?
Miss me? I bet you do.

It's the eve of xmas eve! How are you feeling? The festive moods are everywhere I know. Everyone seems to be battling with the morning wakeups and dragging themselves to work.

On a sidenote, I've call it quits. (finally! after almost a year of saying it) Threw the towel couple of days back. Friend even setup a page in fb for all the ex-staffs of my company. ^^

Hectic schedule resumes. Even more hellish than last semester thus explains the lack of entries. Sigh.

And there's gonna be lotsa meetups with long time no see friends during my "rest" period.

Say.. I'm a real popular girl yal'noe? Suppose to have meetups for Thursday, Fri, Sat and even Sun. And whad'ya know? I'm plotting Jan 2010's appointment already. Turned down some, postponed some, accepted some.

So.. I pushed all appointments for tomorrow so that I can go get my lazy ass for a good jog and hopefully, I can spam this space. ^^

Love you guys!


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