Sunday, December 20, 2009

SS501 Persona Bangkok postponed to 13th Feb 2010

Bloody hell. 13th is the day we, the chinese, sit down for our reunion dinner, how the hell are we supposed to go?!?!

Source: SS501 UFO

I have originally wanted to wait till the official notice is released then informing you about this. Anyway, since it is already released, let me just informed you. Yes. Persona Thailand's date is postponed again!

I received a short email from Mel yesterday afternoon. She mentioned that Persona Thailand is postponed to 13 February and she will give me more when she is back from the organizer with details. I was shocked when I heard about it! Because, after all, 13 February is Eve of Chinese New Year! It would mean that most Chinese TripleS might not be able to attend Persona Thailand. I was hoping that there might be a change when she come back from the discussion.

Anyway, she told me about this yesterday night, it is CONFIRMED. The date will be postponed to 13 Feb 2009, eve of Chinese new year. She also mentioned this might be the last Persona Concert, i.e. no more Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines Concert as per released in news. Persona Thailand will be followed by the encore concert in Korea which might be on end February. So the concert that Jung Min mentioned during Persona Hong Kong press conference was actually the encore concert. DSP will be releasing an official notice regarding this on Monday.

I know some, especially the chinese might be crying now.... because it is eve of Chinese New Year. Just for the information of other that might not know about this. Eve of Chinese New Year is considered as one BIG day for the chinese, this is a day which the whole family members will return back from their various locations and sit down together to have a reunion dinner. In some families, absence from it is a definite NO NO. I don't know what DSP is thinking? Doing this might also meant that they will loose most attendance from Chinese TripleS. Of all the dates, why choose this date!! They could have changed the date to a little bit earlier, like 1 week before this, at least most will be able to attend. Sigh.... Are they trying to test the 'loyalty' of fans? :(

Well, the only 'good' news is........ if you really really want to cancel the Persona Thailand ticket, it will be refunded in full. However, I guess the major damage would be on the cancellation/amendments of your air ticket and hotel bookings. I feel the pain of most of you.....

According to Mel, SS501 will be arriving in Bangkok on the 11 February and there will be a 'Meet & Greet Session' with fans. Those who purchased the concert ticket might win a chance to meet them. Heard that there might be a premium gift attached with the ticket. The theme for this concert will be Valentine's day.

Well, I guess you better wait for the official released on Monday for more detail and confirmed information, I don't know whether the fickle minded DSP will change again during this 24 hours.

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