Sunday, December 13, 2009

Random updates

There's gonna be a round of mayhem of pictures, fancam and coverage from the Persona Hong Kong, which should be ended by now already.

Major bloggers literally served us by giving their most up-to-date, almost real-live updated I am amazed..

It breaks my heart aplenty to see them so happy.. when my ticket for Persona Bkk has yet come to a conclusion I'm complaning e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. :( Sigh. And I ish check my email 10 times, otherwise more, everyday to see if there's replies. Sadly, I get disappointed every time I check. Gah.

Park Jung Min gets selected as the most popular amongst SS501 by fellow juniors Kara. Ahh the double Park relationship is driving me nuts. I am going to anti-KARA soon.. xD *takes flower and starts plucking petals* Should I watch "Intimate note"? Should I not? Should I watch "Intimate note"? Should I not? Should I watch "Intimate note"? Should I not?

TripleS Jap is gearing up themselves on welcoming the boys for the upcoming christmas show held on 19th, one of them is diligently writing her letter(s) to Jung Minnie she cannot tweet. Lol so cute. Another one literally DHL-ed her gifts from Indonesia to this Japanese fan, so that she can along pass the gifts to Jung Minnie too. Lol x 2.

Then this Sporean fan is here exposing their fangirling. Lol at meself.

Tsk tsk, this is the first time I witness crazy fandoming. And I, am soon to be as nuts as they are.

AND! Mitch lugged my 5 men's 5 years collection DVD allll the way from Korea. Charging me extra 2 dollars premium because she went 2 places to hunt for me. ROFL. Still worth paying the extra 2 bucks because it cost twice as cheap compared to shipping from Yesasia.

Jan, who is at Japan now offered to get me the SS501 (pink) blanket if she comes across any. (Sigh, people love me so much you know?) But I turned her down graciously saying the blanket should be more expensive if purchased in Japan.

Partly because a fellow TripleS told me it's small lah.. Muahahaha. So, don't buy don't buy. (what? I'm still rational okay?)

*eyes beamed with killer aura at a particular tweet*

"....gyuri shouted min's name, and min shouted gyuri's name, aargghh WTH!!!!so irritating... "

What da.. Ok I'm off to investigate. *takes samurai sword. Shinnng*

*Ninja tiptoe run*

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