Thursday, December 17, 2009

Autumn's concerto (ep 11) *spoiler alert*

Alright, because I soooo slow, such that most or else, everyone had watched this already there's no need for a spoiler. Heh. I'll do the hi-lights instead.

Recapping on the previous episode, it stopped at GuangXi being confronted and accused as the spy of HuanYu enterprise.

This episode, it mainly illustrates how GuangXi truly tried to help the villagers in getting their plot of land back. After much pleadings for the villager's forgiveness, that is.

Ok details aside, since I presumed most of you had watch this already. Instead I'm going talk about her: Hua ChiXin

Remember the semi-retarded (omg I'm so mean. but I'm talking about the role. not the real person alrightey?) girl who is absolutely infactuated with TuoYe? The one who speaks with the weirdest ifeellikeslappingher accent? I totally hated her for the imprudence she showed towards MuChen.

TouYe breaks her heart by telling ChiXin he only treated her like a younger sister. Needless to say, she was heart-broken and with much difficulty accepting what she heard despite she already knew TuoYe didn't even liked her in the first place.

You know, just when I was sniggering at her pathetic-ness. These scenes came up.


I don't know who this actress is. But definitely not someone too popular nor too senior in the showbiz.

But I thought for a newbie (I pressume), she did the above scene well. In fact, don't you all think she looks rather pretty? Even prettier than when she was not crying. Haha.

I kinda grew a liking for this actress. Pretty potential calibre of a leading actress I feel. Uncanny but I'm hoping to see her in other drama as the leading role.

Now, back to the episode.

GuangXi and MuChen had to do an act infront of the governor of environment (??) in order to obtain his loopholes so that GuangXi could use that as evidence to fight the legal suit.

Well well what do you know, MuChen's looking mighty gorgeous over here isn't she?! Check out the curves! (she did that on purpose?)



(pardon me for the last screencap's blurness. can't seem to capture a clearer one)

Cliche as it is, the 2 got locked inside the music room (where their feelings blossomed previously) while escaping from the chase of the.. governor of environment's assistant? Or whatever is the title. As long as you know what I'm talking about.


Feeling familiar, the music room (or rather, now a store-room) creates a series of flashbacks for GuangXi. Startling MuChen.


GuangXi, determined to remember his past.


He saw flashbacks of rollerblades, scratch marks...


And he was right.

The last screencap was the preview of episode 12, where he found the key to the music room's door. And maybe, just maybe - the key to his heart...


我記得有一個女生在這邊彈鋼琴, 但我想不起來是誰。。
I remembered a girl playing by the piano, but I can't remember who she is..

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