Tuesday, December 1, 2009

This is scary gross.

I mean, I saw the headlines in allkpop where 2pm's TaecYeon recevied something WTF from his fans. (the news was all over major kpop sites and blogs anyway)

Aside from repeating their their fabulous track "Again and again" again and again and again, and again, I pretty much know nothing about them. I love my TripleS boys more, infinitely.

Neways, the news was definitely not going to surprise me if it was things like hair, undergarments, used sanitary pad or even, blood letter. C'mon, it's not like you've never heard of such crazy fansdoing before...

But what I wasn't expecting, was the media to actually publish the letter. Omg creepy x plenty.

Go K bites for more details.

But something I don't quite understand was this:

"When others started doubting, the owner of the hyeolseo posted an image of her underwear in blood."

2 "equal" signs, 1 "underscore" plus 1 "inverted comma". → → =_="

You telling me you used your *ahem* blood to write the letter? That's not creepy, that's gross.

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