Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Park Jung Min is petty?

But I ♥ him still.

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SS501 attended to SBS TV talk show ‘Strong Heart’ broadcasted on 8-Dec, and exposed each other without hesitation, giving eye candy and ear candy for viewers. Kim HyunJoong talked about his loneliness when he was infected with H1N1 influenza.

Kim HyunJoong said “I returned back when I had fully recovered, but my members went to the hospital to be examined as soon as I returned to Korea.” Kim HyungJoon responded by saying "However there is this one and only member who did not go for examination.”

When being asked who is that, Kim HyungJoon replied “Park JungMin” and explained briefly “Because he had a big fight with Kim HyunJoong before he was infected with H1N1 influenza in Japan that they didn’t even look at each other nor talk to each other, so there is no need for him to go for examination.”

Park JungMin felt ridiculous and confessed frankly “I had a cold war with him so as to avoid H1N1 influenza. Before we had our concert in Japan, I had some trouble with Kim HyunJoong. I was angry because Kim HyunJoong was always late for our schedules. My character is not generous noble (?). I get angry easily.”

Kim HyungJoon who heard Park JungMin said again “They didn’t talk nor speak to each other for about 2 months.” Highlighting on Park JungMin’s pettiness.

Meanwhile, actor Lee CheonHee, Yang MiRa, Shoo, group SS501, Cultwo, etc, attended to this day’s broadcast of ‘Strong Heart’ and showed their eloquence.


Why am I not surprised at them quarrelling at all...

In fact, I'm not surprise too if two of them quarrelled the most. With Leader's bluntness which one has to be most cool-headed to remain calm about it from time to time. Yet Mal is well known for his violence, which depicts a lil' about bad tempered-ness.

But that doesn't tantamount to pettiness. Probably just quick tempered. Fast come, fast go.

Violent people are usually quick tempered.

Cuz yours truly is like that too. I should probably change my nick to VIOLENTtacal instead of violettacal...

But Hyun Joong, Jung Min ah~ ignoring each other for 2 months is tad too long isn't it? It'll be so awkward seeing each other especially when you see one another at such high frequency.

Well, glad they are ok now. (Are they??)

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  1. I think the leader is too cool! and this must have made Minnie lose his temper.
    After all, it takes two people to start a fight so you cannot put all the blame on Jung Min's shoulders.

    He just gets bored easily, because he himself is never boring!

    I think petty is judging people when you don't know about them!


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