Tuesday, December 1, 2009

[vid] Young Saeng's looking gwiyo!

Despite I was having so much fun watching idol drama and relaxing infront of my laptop, I still went on treasure hunting.

For the boy's news of course! Well frankly there are alot more side news of their's from major blogs featuring TripleS. I only hunt for the funnier or important ones. Arrasuh? Arrasuh. ^^

And look what I found from Liezle's blog!

Credit: BESTYS, posted by 매생이 on SS601.com.

There could be problems with the embedding, so click HERE if its not playing.

She mentioned Saengie made a little mistake? I didn't see any actually.. In fact I find him at his most attractive. Oh, I thought he sounded a lil' off pitched towards the end.. now where is it... ... ... there! At 2:03. Could that be the mistake?

And it seems like he was embarassed and laughed at himself for the mistake done, which is the main reason why it got me posting the vid here - HIS SMILES ARE JUST TOO CUTE TO RESIST!

If a mistake made could make you smile like that, then PLEASE MAKE MORE MISTAKES SAENGIE! Don't worry, your fans won't penalise you for that.

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