Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hi, my sweetheart (ep 5) *spoiler alert*

This was the episode that changed everything. DaLang got ditched (well, kinda) by BaoZhu. The heart-broken dork had a 360° change in his personality (erm, kinda).

Alright, it wasn't exactly BaoZhu's wish to dump DaLang. In fact, she persisted to the end. If not for her (evil, obstinate) mum's doings.

Tsk, what's with the evil, obstinate mum in every drama? Can't they do without it?


Mediocre and materialistic like all evil mums in all dramas, likewise, BaoZhu's mum objected her relationship with DaLang and forced her to get married to some rich man instead, claiming she doesn't want BaoZhu to end up like her, paying the debts of BaoZhu's father he had owed due to his business's failure.

Evil mum then threatened BaoZhu she would try her means and ways to obstruct DaLang from graduating if their relationship continues.

Needless to say, BaoZhu was war-torn between the decision of protecting DaLang and ending the relationship.

And like I mentioned, she wasn't ready to give up the relationship. No matter how tough are things going to get. She wrote a note to, informed her mum that she wouldn't be coming home early, and left the house (to meet DaLang). That note, was some serious mistake she'd definitely regretted writing it.

On the other hand, DaLang was preparing to surprise and propose to BaoZhu.

Nice ring.

Alas, BaoZhu got into a car accident and went semi-unconscious. (Drama drama drama!) Leaving DaLang waiting for her arrival not knowing what happened.

Now here comes more drama. BaoZhu was so worried about her date with DaLang she climbed down the bed. Literally.

And start crawling on the floor?

She reminds me of Sadako from movie "Ring". When I was pretty sure the doctors or nurses will come pulling her back to the operation theatre (because she's in the midst of an operation duh!), they didn't. =.=" No one was there to stop the poor girl from her frivolous crawlings. (And of course she HAD TO faint. Else how long are we expecting her to crawl? 500m?)

She missed her chance to see DaLang. Worst, her mum told DaLang she went Europe to get hitched to some rich man's son. *jinx getting grouchy*

Forlorn boy went back and complained to his mum sister.

Feels like killing him..

Nevertheless, DaLang, like BaoZhu, wasn't ready to give things up as yet. He ran (literally!) to where BaoZhu was residing, only to be greeted by the evil mum.

Remember the note BaoZhu wrote? Yes my love, the evil mum showed it to DaLang and went on breaking his heart even more infinitely. The note was supposed to be a blatant lie BaoZhu wrote to appease her mum and, to stall for time. It turned out however, the most concrete and effiective reason to convince DaLang that BaoZhu was really bent to end things.


And scene. Gonna stop here. 'Nuff spoilers baby.

It's kinda agitating to see such misunderstanding. Yet it's almost an inevitable template forall dramas. The classic-est way to hook the audiences' appetite.

Coming back to reality, I thought Rainie's acting was somehow, near to perfection already. I mean, this episode of her being totally heart-broken after learning the news that her mum lied to DaLang (ahh.. more spoilers. can't help it) and she could never find DaLang again - it truly breaks my heart to see her wailing like what she did in the drama.

So, 2 thumbs for her! Looks like princess cutsey had been polishing her acting skills quite well.

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