Saturday, December 5, 2009

Autumn's concerto (ep 9) *spoiler alert*

*rolls sleeves*

Hokay! Ready?

All we all know, Guangxi was sent to HuaTian village for 240 hours of community services because he kick some ass of some scoundrel.

Coincedentally he was arranged to live with Muchen. Earlier episode Guangxi met Xiaole (his son whom he has no idea nor any memory of obviously) whom very "telepathtically" addressed Guanxi as his dad. But was later on corrected and lectured by Muchen that he was just a lawyer employed by the villagers to fend the sale of the land.

Still unaware of the fact that Guangxi had already lost his memory, Muchen was still inevitably affected when she sees the ring on Guangxi's ring finger. She braced herself up nevertheless.

Guangxi's memory loss was later revealed to Muchen. Thinking it's better for the both of them, Muchen makes no attempt to refresh Guangxi's memory, even if she feels heart-broken. Afterall they've been through so much..

Muchen pretends not to know him when Guangxi asked.


Speaking of telepathy.. the very sweet Xiaole..




Daddy carrots


they both hated most. =.="

pls don't ask me why the picture is so teeny.. i really dunno.

But the very sweet son was totally outsmart by no one else but his father.


Dear son, menu of the day is: Nothing.But.Carrots. - Love, Dad.

Burst out laughing seeing the squashed face.

Rest of the episode basically mentioned Guangxi's working life in the village as a consultant, where he tries to convince the villagers they should sell away the plot of land, got into a hot debate with Muchen and saved a villager from committing suicide (possibly the most hilarious way you can think of saving one's life).

The couple of days in HuaTian village with Muchen got Guangxi's attention.. (starting to grow found of her already? Unlikely, since he's so devoted to fiancee YiQian)

He began to truly understand the villagers and their situation and gained more humane.

(woah! it just occurs to me that I've made spoilers for the whole episode?!?!)

Muchen was very much delighted with Guangxi's effort to save the villager and gave a little smile at something Guangxi did because it reminds her of the past..

Little did we know, a little smile from Muchen draws a series of flashbacks for Guangxi.




這是我來到這裡之後,你第一次對著我笑。 - 光熙
This is the first time you smiled at me after my arrival. - Guangxi

Whether or not he did he regain he's memory, remains a mystery until episode 10! But it seems like he did regain his long lost memory, looking at the trailer.

He really did? I'm not sure really. I mean, isn't it abeeet too fast for him to remember things? This is so unlike the usual scripts. Just from a smile of Muchen?! Not like she's some ancient goddess who has spells to make one remember things long forgotten..

But I'm looking forward for the answer nevertheless! What a way to make us anticipate. I'm sure the ratings will go beyond our imagination. Kudos to Autumn's concerto!


Never knew a smile is actually the real cure for amnesia. Doctors are cheating our money prescribing medication for those patient. Scams! Cons!

Disclaimer: The above accusations for doctors and miraculous cure to amnesia are just jokes from the author. Anyone who took that for real has got absolutely nothing with the author. Arrasuh? Loves.

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