Saturday, December 26, 2009

Autumn's concerto (ep 12) *spoiler alert*

3 loud cheers to GuangXi winning his case against his father-in-law!

Without sweat. =.="

Just when I thought there would be a tough and tenacious fight against the baddie XuFangGuo, GuangXi won the suit with just less than some 10 sentences said to father-in-law. Even got very good compensation from him. Anti-climax you know..


Thou' father-in-law was a little dissed with GuangXi, but still, everything was settled with a few words from future son-in-law.

Well, get over and done with. This drama is not about lawyer fighting legal suits, but the love story between GuangXi and MuChen. Forgive me for being too carried away with my lawyer fantasies..

After the celebration of GuangXi winning the case for them, he and MuChen hurried back home due to a coming downpour. While resting, a sudden thunder reminds GuangXi of that faithful night. Again, a blurry image that resembles MuChen arises.


But no matter how GuangXi pleaded, MuChen simply refuses to conceed to tell him the truth.

MuChen sprained her ankle, out of goodwill GuangXi offered to carry MuChen home in case her sprain worsen.

And they had to to bump into YiQian *facepalm*


Annnd just when we thought she would flare and start throwing her expensive heels at Guang Xi, she appeared all so angelic and hurried GuangXi to carry MuChen into the house so that she can doctor MuChen's sprain.


Gosh, how can anyone hate YiQian and hope for GuangXi to go to MuChen at all? Don't tell me this drama will end with GuangXi happily married with YiQian and MuChen chose to lead her own peaceful life with XiaoLe. Afterall GuangXi truly loves YiQian despite the memory loss and YiQian treated GuangXi with all her love she could possibly give...

Episode ends with the showdown of both woman of GuangXi's present and the past. Idk what's gonna happen with the love triangle seriously. Which makes me rub my hands and waits patiently..

你爲什麽那麽喜歡任光希叔叔, 他到底有什麽特別的? - 拓也
他身上有爸爸的味道... - 小樂

Why do you like uncle Ren GuangXi so much, what is so special with him? - TuoYe
He carries the smell of daddy - XiaoLe

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