Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hi, my sweetheart (ep 6) *spoiler alert*

Episode 6 revolves mainly on DaLang Xue Hai and BaoZhu reuniting after 3 long years. Xue Hai's 2nd sister's admirer was confessing his love for her over a radio program which happened to be hosted by BaoZhu.

Upon hearing the voice, Xue Hai could recognise her voice almost immediately. Having said so, he bought over the radio station just to be able to get things clear.


After becoming the official boss of the radio station, Xue Hai asked his secretary to give him a copy of the TianXinShiJian (Literal translate: Sweetheart's time) host's particular.


And his guesses were confirmed.

After some thought, he decided he will have his revenge towards BaoZhu (ahhh.. who says malevolence can only be found in women?) for her dumping him 3 years back. The plan was to make BaoZhu fall in love him and his new identity of a rich, attractive man.

And dump her afterwards.

He sent for BaoZhu. Only to allow BaoZhu in after he had rehearse his pose and speech. =_=" (leopard never changes its spots..)


Where BaoZhu was startled beyond words after seeing XueHai, thinking he is the DaLang (which he is..) she had been searching for all these years.

She managed to call out the name "DaLang.."

And DaLang had butterfiles in his stomach after knowing BaoZhu still remembers him. =.="


But immediately calms himself down in order not to be exposed. He had to continue his rigor revenge.


Back home, BaoZhu loses her cool and went ballistic on Yan Feng. Explaining how she spent 3 years searching for DaLang and suddenly a person looked almost identical to DaLang was standing infront of her moments back she can not be calm about it.


She felt apologetic towards Yan Feng. He had been loving her all the while and all she did was to avoid. Afterall he did nothing wrong to deserve such a response.

Yan Feng on the other hand, was relieved at BaoZhu being apologetic. He hugged her, and says "I'll wait for you to take the initiative."


Awkwardly romatic I feel. Kinda weird for a guy to tell a girl he's waiting for her to take the first step but yet again, I feel such honesty can be quite alluring at times. Thou' not all the time, baby.

BaoZhu decides to find things out too. She asked Boss Xue Hai out and start asking him questions.

"Have you been to other places for studies?"


The smart Xue Hai reckoned she's getting suspicious and answered,

"Of course, I had been to Canada"

(details omitted fyi..)

"So.. you haven't been to Hangzhou?"


Xue Hai replied, "Of course I had been there!"


And scene. Well it's not difficult to guess what he'll say next. Anything logical to prevent BaoZhu from getting suspicious. Like, he's there for business trips etc. Easy.

Not a very interesting episode I'd say. And episode 7 doesn't look too exciting to me either. What say you?

Better focus on Autumn's concerto instead. ^^ Annyeong!

P.S I really have to rant about this - the purchasing of tickets for Persona Bangkok concert is driving meanie and I crazy. Really should have tap on the SG TripleS.

Tried to call their hotline but our lan line are not IDD activated..

Called Singtel and opt for IDD activation, done. BUT! Activation takes 1 working day. And tomorrow I have lesson. By the time I reach home, no one's gonna entertain me in Bangkok right..

I must say, it's the first time for me (us) spending so much money to go overseas just to see 5 boys younger than me I tink I am wholly insane.

Why aren't they coming to Sg? Why why why? Or at least M'sia!!

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