Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hot bubblegum kpop and such

I have to say I had my most relaxed long weekend doing nothing constructive which is pure enjoyment. Not a bad thing to do once in awhile right.. ^^

Just updated my mixpod playlist with some new songs I'm addicted these days. I must say, my obsession with Korean pop went full fledge.

Was never too keen in KJ pop because hell, I cannot understand whadahell are they singing and it seem quite silly to just sing along w/o knowing the meaning and such. I mean, I like korean drama and fancy their apparel but never was I too keen with their music..

And the fangirling for SS501 was the start of all these.. *facepalm* Well whatever, I like kpop and that's that.

I still like mandopop!

You know, just when I was sniffing around and thinking of what to blog because there's absolutely nothing that interest me and I have the mood to spam this space, I found this:

Source: SS501 UFO
Credit: teddy2818 @
Video Credit: KpopNET2
Please repost with full credit

2009.12.17 Mnet 2009 K-pop Yearly Chart HOT 40

Calculation Method:
January ~ November 2009

40. I hope - F.T Island
39. Indian Boy - MC.Mong
38. Kiss - Sandara Park
37. A Love Story - Gavy NJ
36. Love Like This - SS501
35. My Ear's Candy - Baek Ji Young(feat.TaecYeon)
34. Lies - T-ara
33. Will you marry me? - Lee Seung Gi
32. Calling You - Seo In Gook
31. Naeng Myeon - Park Myung Soo & Jessica
30. Don't Forget - Baek Ji Young
29. Because I'm stupid - SS501
28. Insomnia - WheeSung
27. Sign - Brown Eyed Girls
26. After Love - Park Hyo Shin
25. Muzik - 4Minute
24. My Man - Davichi
23. Ring Ding Dong - SHINee
22. I Don't Have a Heart - 8eight
21. You and I - Park Bom
20. The Girl Who Can't Break Up, The Boy Who Can't Leave - Leessang
19. Half - Hwayobi
18. Women's Generation - SeeYa, Davichi, T-ara
17. Dropping Tears - K.Will
16. T.T.L - T-ara & Supernova
15. Tell me your wish - Girls' Generation
14. Saturday Night - Son Dambi
13. Made an Accident - Davichi
12. Wanna - KARA
11. Abracadabra - Brown Eyed Girls
10. Heartbreaker - G-Dragon
09. Again & Again - 2PM
08. Alone - Outsider
07. 8282 - Davichi
06. Fire - 2NE1
05. Love Rain - Kim Tae Woo
04. Sorry Sorry - Super Junior
03. Lollipop - Big Bang & 2NE1
02. I Don't Care - 2NE1
01. GEE - Girls' Generation


However factual is this, I don't care. But it sure contained some of the songs I got quite addicted to! And yes, how can my SS501 boys be left out right? They seated on 29th and 36th. Well I guess why they are ranked so far back is due to the album's release date.

Here's my 2-cents. I'm actually quite amazed with the #1. Not because of SNSD, but the company they are with - SM. I dunno much about their artist, but hell, the legal suit of DBSK and recent SuJu definitely caught my attention with how SM is doing things.

And how can I not know SuJu with their infamous "Sorry sorry" that swept the heart of taiwan's citizen and entertainmemt industry...

Then I realised, hey, SuJu, DBSK and SNSD are all from SM~! (forgive me, I'm really still not very enthu about certain boy/girl band. You call that selective) SM is undoubtedly, the leader in korean's music industry for it's capabilities to bring its artist to the top notch in ranking..

However, it occurs to me that SM's artist are really selling their souls for what we see - the amount of popularity. Think DBSK, think SuJu. Will SNSD be the next? I wonder.

Anyway, I'm not a fan for any of the SM's artist. As long as DSP doesn't ill-treat my boys, unnie is happy.

So, if you are a noob like me, have you found any interesting songs from the above 40 that got your attention? Good start you know?^^

Neeways, here's some of the many artists/band that I'm beginning to take note of (aside then SS501 & Hwangbo duhr!):

1) C.N.Blue (Jung Yong Hwa is the new ♥)
2) Son Dam Bi ♥♥
3) Bang Bang
4) Kara
5) After School (♥ GaHee ♥ Uee!)
6) F.T.Island
7) Brian Joo!!!!

I still don't like 2NE1. What are they thinking?


Ok before I end, here's one pic of some of my fave people and I. Love this candid shot.

Random. Ehhh.. Thank god SS501's fan are called triple S and not triple 5. If it's triple 5 then wouldn't we be called "Ha Ha Ha" in Thai? Ha ha ha! ROFL. Omg I daren't imagine.

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