Monday, December 28, 2009

Hi, my sweetheart (ep 9) *spoiler alert*

Watching the episode now. And because I don't have the time for screenshots, I'll just make this text one. Pics up when I got the time already?

Good thing is, because I'm writing this as I watch, which means there'll be more details! ^^

We can see BaoZhu slowly falling for XueHai (yes, XueHai. Not DaLang) in this episode!

The sneaky XueHai whom instructed the waitress to put laxative into YanFeng's fruit juice, drank the drugged one himself because the cups were mixed up. Karma, baby. Karma.

Walking back into their respective room, while YanFeng was about to enter BaoZhu's room, XueHai protested and claimed YanFeng was trying to take advantage of BaoZhu while he is feeling unwell. Of course, his protest wasn't obliged.

He signals for BaoZhu over, and whispered "dangerous!" to her. Causing BaoZhu to chuckle a little at his silly-ness.. (Love this scene alot!)

Back into the room, XueHai becomes a peeping tom and starts stalking at the opposite pair. Just when he saw them almost kissing, his stomach starts churning..

Damn the laxative! LOL.

The 4 agreed to went on a double date. And because of the (darn) laxative, XueHai keeps farting on their way to the destination. BaoZhu gets dissed and remarked XueHai a farting devil! (Funniest scene I swear I laughed to death)


Due to an incident, XueHai slipped and fell into the pond. Reminiscing, he thought he would be resuscitated by BaoZhu once again.


But was done by YanFeng instead this time round. xD XueHai gagged upon learning this.

Out of spite, the rivals decided to compete in jet-skiing to see who is more gutsy. They will be driving towards each other's direction, the one who ducked will be deemed the loser. BaoZhu worries for YanFeng. (And secretly, for XueHai..)


Who won? Are there fatalities? You go find out. :)

(And why are there so many challanges in this episode?! Stupid Xuehai)

Back to the hotel, XueHai challanges (sigh) YanFeng and BaoZhu to a drinking game. Needless to say, the leading actor and actress are the biggest loser and drank the most... =="

Frivolous as it seems, XueHai the drunkard walked to BaoZhu's room because he wanted to sleep with her. (pun UNintended)

And tells the equally drunk BaoZhu he, is DaLang. And strips of his pants (!!!)


Lying beside XueHai (whom she thought was DaLang), memories of the past came haunting her.


Looking at DaLang, BaoZhu ask, "Where have you been all this while..?"

DaLang replied he's been around all the while.

BaoZhu: "Why is it I can't find you..?"

DaLang: "It was me who couldn't find you... why did you leave me..?"

Ohmigosh, the saddest part of the entire episode:

BaoZhu: "I didn't leave you.. Why didn't you wait for me..?"

DaLang: "I thought you didn't want me anymore.." (Awwwww! Puppy! Any guy who says such phrase I usually call them puppy I dunno why. It's endearing. Your heart melted too, didn't you?)

BaoZhu broke into tears and told DaLang how she had been trying so hard to locate him all these years. DaLang exchanged his thoughts by telling BaoZhu how he had been waiting for her all these years...

Climax of the episode! The scence went blood pumping by showing the 2 kissing passionately *blush* and then before we know it, the entire tear-jerking romance ended. T.T



Am going to leave you guys till here~! Since rest of the part is not as interesting. The trailer for coming episode looks promising people! YanFeng learns from XueBo (XueHai's eldest sister) that XueHai was hurt in a relationship back when he studied in HangZhou.

Looking at those similarities, how could YanFeng be stupid enough to not find out the truth right? He must have found out XueHai is DaLang all these while after hearing what XueBo told him. And I guess he hid the truth from BaoZhu in fear of losing her to XueHai, DaLang, whoever he is!


Finally this drama is back on track again. Previous episodes kinda bore me and got my fingers tapping at the table. Heh.

I haven't watch Autumn's Concerto episode 13. Was it good? ^^ Vanness tweeted the ratings went further up again! Kudos.

Till then, loves.

P.S. Saengil Chukhae to Ukiss's KiBum! a.k.a Baby Hyung Joon's little brother.


  1. I just want to say, I love Hi My Sweetheart (and SS501)! Your blog is very interesting. :)

  2. @cathy

    Heh~ TripleS too? Mian I've sorta left this place abandon for very very, veryveryvery long.. Pretty much only my twitter is still alive. Thanks anyway~ :)


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