Friday, November 20, 2009

The blurness

YA! The headache is killing me. Still working at the time I type this. Applied half day leave so as to continue mugging at home.

Exam's tomorrow at 9am. It's a Saturday for chrissake and I need to be in the exam hall cracking my brain for business marketing! Gahhhhh!

You know how blur I am these days? Aside from not remembering what day iszit, I keep having the phobia of remembering the wrong dates for exam, or the wrong subject to mug such that I'd go to the torture chamber with the wrong subject prepared. That would be soooo holysmoochingstrawberrybuttercup disastrous.

I was so blur I thought I made a grave mistake today. Let the story begin.

Woke up, got dressed for work. Everyone knows Fridays are for dressdown. So I was in my usual tee and mini (skirt). Shabby to the max.

"Friday.. friday.. ahhh, today I'm on half day leave. Need to come back home to continue my balance unrevised"

Yours truly left the house. Halfway on the train, something stuck me that today, might not be Friday afterall. Perhaps because I saw some other office ladies not dressed down.

(takes handphone out)

Date: 19th Nov 2009, time: 8:26 (totally not depending on my memory to determine what day iszit already. I can't keep track at all if without the help of tangible tools)

"Whad.. the..!!!!! It's Thursday today???"

(stares at mini and flip flops)

"!!!!!!!! Oh shit I'm dressed down! And halfway to work already!! HOW HOW HOW!!!!!! Call to report sick? Urgent leave?? Go back home and change? I'll be horribly late la!!!"

I swear 3,000 ideas flew past my half dead mind. (strange, how come I'm always full of nonsensical ideas despite my brain cannot function properly already? ok genetically inheritance)

So I looked at the date again. This time I saw the time was 8:28pm instead of am. Goodness even the white HTC is dying on me. God knows why it did that. I've been a good master all these while.


But still.. I felt the most obsecure. So the half dead mind went on thinking again..

Thanks to the colleague who has tap dance lessons on every Tue and Thurs, and I remembering she holding her shoebag and heading to cityhall (that's where her lessons are being conducted), I was ascertained TODAY IS FRIDAY.

See how much troubleI need to go through these days JUST to find out what day iszit? Quoting what my lecturer always say: "Hey guys, c'mon you are not suffering from parkinson diesease right???"

I guess you know my answer.

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Major cuteness. Wonder if someone will make gifs out of jjitjoong. :P

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