Saturday, November 21, 2009

Random update

9:30pm now. Some brief updates. The paper for today, not confident. Completed within the timeframe, doesn't seem too tough, the flow was pretty smooth. But wasn't too sure on the case study after some discussion with classmate JT thereafter.

Lecturer warned us beforehand, the case study was the usual killer for most students. Let's hope we are not one of them.

Came back, concussed for awhile till 7pm and here am I, blogging.

Watching happy clips of HJL in Dream Team mentioned last night as well as monitoring the tweets (mayhem! the respective accounts are mad tweeting and threading the results real-time for people who wasn't able to watch) on MAMA in particularly, the category on Best Male Group.

Need I spell out why?

Well the boys lost to 2PM. These 2 are always on the fight for first then again.. =.="

Congrats to all the winners anyway! SS501 didn't went home empty handed baby, they got the awards for Best OST for BOF - Because I'm stupid. Nice. :)

Spending the night mugging for killer E-commerce paper. Wish me luck world. Loves.

Blog laters. If I'm inspired. ^^

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