Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Random laugh

Boys a side. This was a random conversation I had with my dad last evening. Sometimes the things we talk simply doesn't sound like we are adults at all.


Dad: Do you know what's Sleeping beauty's name?
(Dad's totally random!)

Me: Errrr, Estelle? Somewhere along that line.

Dad: Nope.

Me: Then?

Dad: Aurora

Me: Oh ya ya ya! Aurora. Yes. That's right.

Dad: I didn't know her name was Aurora. In fact I think I dunno alot of Disney Princess' name.

Me: No wad, like you dunno Ariel from the Little mermaid?

Dad: Oh, Ariel. Yes. And Belle. Who else?

Me: There's Jasmine, Mulan, Snow white.. Wait, Snow White is her real name?

Dad: *serious* YA?! Her name is Snow because she is as fair as one.

Me: Oh, ok.

Dad: Say.. what's the name of the two dogs in Mickey Mouse?
(begins with the guessing game already...)

Me: *without hesitation* Pluto and Goofy. Daddddy!! This is so duh!

Dad: Ok, what about the one with very long hair and lets down her hair.

Me: Repunzel.

Dad: The one in hunchback of notre'dame?

Me: Esmeralda.

Me: Then what's the Swan Princess's name?

Dad: I dunno.

Me: It's odette.

Me: What about the one who is green and fat?

Dad: *without hesitation* Oh, that's SHREK.

Me: LOLLL LOLLL LOFLLL. It's Fiona lah daddy. Shrek is a guy!


Apparently dad sterotyped everything that is green and fat as Shrek. Omg so funny.

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