Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Vanness Wu ditches F4 image

Vanness Wu finally ditches previous left impression as a member of F4 and is enjoying his new title as "Ren Guang Xi" from Autumn's Concerto.

My exact semtiments, too. Plus, they are too old to be called F4 already, considering the characters in Manga "Meteor Garden" and the F4 gang are only high school kids..

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And they are reaching (otherwise, in) their 30s.. =.=" No doubt they swept the hearts of many and were the first ever comic turned real idol. But I guess its really time they should get out of the impressionistic F4. Nevertheless I think they made legend.

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Vanness Wu throws away F4 baggage; likes to be called Ren Guang Xi

Source: China Times

Translation: Sarah @

Vanness Wu has been in the industry for 10 years, and has finally thrown away his F4 idol baggage, establishing his own personal characteristics. His performance in SETTV’s new drama ‘Autumn’s Concerto’ brings the audience to tears and begin to see him in a new light. Vanness said proudly: “In the past, when people saw me, they would say I’m ‘Meteor Garden’s F4, but now when I walk on the streets, people will point at me and say: you’re Ren Guang Xi from Autumns Concerto!”

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