Saturday, November 21, 2009

[vid] Park Jung Min is shweeet

You know, sometimes there it's more than good looks and talents that attracts the fans. Especially the diplomatic ones.

Just when there are countless of disputes and rumours in boy (girl) bands having dispute and conflicts with one another perhaps due to jealousy or whichever reason, the skeptical me just can't seem to sniff any from the airs of SS501.

Probably that got me so insane over them...

Check this out!

Credits to: yisaya86
Source: liezle's blog
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This was the clip from their recent win in Music Bank. Here we see the 4 presenting their winning speech without leader (why was he on the extreme side anw?) and JM walked over to leader, passed him the bouquet of flowers with abit of nudging for him to join the rest.

Pardon me, can't help but saying, awwwww, so shweet!

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