Friday, November 13, 2009

SS501 is breaking up?

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“The crisis of SS501 breaking up is?”

5 princes of SS501 returned as men full of charisma, went into exposing each other's stories.

Recently in KBS 2TV ‘Star Golden Bell’ recording, SS501 was asked by MC Jeon HyunMoo “When was SS501’s crisis?’ and Park JungMin replied “When Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong, Kim HyunJoong went into activities as a trio group, they sold a lot (album CDs). Kim HyungJoon jokingly said ‘we did better because the two of them were not included’ but I was hurt by that.”

Kim HyungJoon explained “Frankly speaking, we are very shocked ourselves that we did this well. We did our best thinking that we won’t do it if we can’t make it there (those achievements).”

However Heo YoungSaeng who what he said exposed the truth that one day, Kim HyungJoon came looking for him and suggested “Hyung! Let’s do a 2nd album together as 3 of us again.” Surprising Park Jungmin and Kim HyungJoon.

Broadcast will be on 14-Nov.


Got me a fright. Tsk!
Boo baby for hurting Minnie! "o

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