Friday, November 13, 2009

You're beautiful - popular online despite poor viewership

Even though SBS ongoing drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ has not been faring well in terms of viewership as compared to KBS ‘IRIS’ aired at the same timeslot, the drama is a big hit online.

After every episode aired, the cast of the drama will go up to the top ranks on various portal site search engines. Fans and drama mania are also in hot discussions over the drama noticeboards.

The individual scenes of the A.N.JELL members singing in the drama has also been the topic amongst netizens. And currently the photo sketch released on the drama homepage have attracted over 10,000 views on the day it was revealed on the site.

A SBS staff said, “Of the 3 major dramas by SBS, ‘You’re Beautiful’ homepage has the highest views of the 3 dramas.”

Fans are also very interested in the behind-the-scene photos and also a UCC corner set up on the site.

Apart from that, the drama and the characters in the drama have been up on the top 10 drama search on various portal sites since it was first aired.

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