Monday, November 16, 2009

[pics] SS501 Persona Concert in Shanghai (pic spam)

We all know, the boys had their Persona concert in Shanghai 2 days back. Oh boy, crazy amount of pictures taken. Here's my persona favourite.

Credits: liezle's blog + as tagged

(click for clear resolution images)

Fans of baby won't like this.

See? Told you.

Too cute!!!!

Saving the best for last...

*screams* too cute too cute to cuteeeee! Mal likes carrots. Lol.

YAA! Stay away from him you hear me?!! You hear me?!?!

Now, brace yourself babes. Here comes the best.

*nose bleeds* pass me tissue please.


This one is funny. Enlarge the image and you see the sign "toilet" on the left side of Joongie's leg. Makes me ponder if someone's holding the sign (haha, unlikely thou) or the washroom's sign is just located at a simply spoilsport area.

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