Tuesday, November 10, 2009

SS501 [pics] SBS Power Time Visual Radio

Credits: SBS Power Time Official website + triplesphilippines.blogspot.com + marge0256@quainte501.com

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Like some of you out there (I guess), I thought the one standing next to Jung Minnie was Hyun Joong. Turns out he's Kyu~

Baby is unrealistically cute and good-looking dunchu think so?

Tell me Leader look waaaay beneath 23 (24 in Korean's calculation) in this picture! Frankly, I took about 3 seconds to recognise HyunJoongie. Thought he was HyungJoonie! (purposely confusing you all with the Hyun and Hyung, Joong and Joon :P)

Omo, so confusing since the boys are all so hot! Must've gone all dizzy silly with all the cute selcas. Oh ya, aren't you glad leader has officially brush Jihoo sunbae aside and resume his normal self? Check out the tongue! No way Jihoo sunbae would do that. LOL.

Source: Quainte501

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