Thursday, November 19, 2009

[vid] Hyun Joong kissing on the Kim Su Jung's lips was a misunderstanding

Credit: 미니민@SS601
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Credit: (English translation) SaengiePB
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The video was talking about the kiss that she asked from Hyun Joong and made everyone surprised and blah blah blah...

Then the producer decided to pay the girl a visit and interview her..

Girl: I say a kiss on the cheek but it's using my lips. But Hyun Joong misunderstood it to kiss on the lips again.
Caption: I want to kiss Oppa with my lips.
Caption: What? Kiss on the lips also.
Girl: People asked "Do you know how loud did this Oppa's fans are screaming."
PD: I'm also asking for a kiss, so when will it be.
Girl: don't want, and you're not stylish at all.
PD: why? why not?
Girl: He's ugly, everyone!
PD: Su Jung, how, postpone it?
Girl: It's the truth!
Caption: Photo: Person in charge PD

Source: SS501 UFO


Misunderstanding or not, this little one has got to be the luckiest.

And because she's tooooo cute, she escaped the fate of being most hated to most envied. I bet if it were some grown-up woman she's would probably be flaked to death. Haha.

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